Tuesday Tips: Getting over heartbreak

A few months ago, something that had not occurred since 2006 happened. I got DUMPED and in the worse way possible, via social media. Now this relationship was definitely not destined for a happy ending. The signs were all there: Lack of communication, forced conversations, frustration, and distance. Nevertheless, it still hurt..a lot. I don’t think my heart was nearly as broken as my ego was. All my time and affection wasted on someone whom one day decided to delete me off their life. What would I tell my parents and my friends? I was beyond hurt and embarrassed.

Well fast forward six months later, and I am no longer hurt nor am I embarrassed. I’ve gotten by with a little help from my friends. So in honor of heartbreaks and Facebook, today’s tips will focus on how to get over a heart/ego break.


If you really want to move on, you’ll need to be strong, not strung along. Delete all numbers, email addresses, social media (that may have already be done for you..lol.) Delete pictures when you’re ready, of course the sooner the better. It took me 4 months to get rid of them so no judgement.


Breakups can leave our self-esteem on the dumps. So regain your confidence! Write down all of the good qualities and virtues you possess. The gifts you offer this world will help you appreciate yourself more. You gotta love yourself!


My to-go person was my best friend Kathy. She helped me see things with clarity and reminded me to be strong. Oftentimes, we bottle all of our emotions inside. It is a good idea to release them to a friend who comes from a loving place and who will also put you back in your place when you’re acting like a fool.


While being ego-broken, I had two choices. Either stay at home and chill with Netflix and popcorn or go out and dance my ass off. I chose the second option. During Summer, I went out with my friends all the time. I also made new friends and created amazing memories. I’ll never forget Summer 15′. The encouragement I received from my girls was vital to my healing. I am a true believer that the energy around us either makes us or drain us.


-Keep moving.

-Keep working.

-Keep dreaming.

-Keep shining.

Do not check into the Betty Crocker Clinic or the Heartbreak Hotel!

Just because one person can’t see how beautiful you are doesn’t mean your value decreases. Know that when one door closes another one is sure to open.

It is easy to be bitter and angry. It takes strength to forgive and move on. I personally never take the easy route.

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