Tuesday Tips: All About Fall/Winter Hair Care

I have always been proud of my dark hair. For the past 25 years, I’ve managed to keep it long and strong ( except for the whole newborn process. I was mainly bald with dark eyebrows..so let’s make it 23 or 24 years).

Recently, the air in Los Angeles has been extra dry (I’m looking at you El Niño) and making my scalp itchy and my hair super flaky!

So for today’s tips.. I’m going to share my tips on how to care for your hair during the Fall:

If there is an itch, most of us are more than likely going to scratch. But for your hair’s sake, don’t do that actually you should STOP doing that right away! Instead grab some coconut or argan oil and massage your scalp. I’ve used coconut oil on my hair for the past 5 years, and I absolutely love it. I’ve just recently switched to Argan oil. The results are similar but I prefer coconut oil, because of the smell and texture. Argan oil can be a bit too runny and messy.

This is by far the hardest for me! I love love love to style my hair! I love big voluminous hair! The bigger the better! I don’t own a blow dryer. I alway let my hair air dry, but I do own a few styling tools and I cannot live without them! But in order for those pesky flakes to go away, sacrifices must be made. Besides what is a beautiful hairstyle when it is accompanied by flakes? In my opinion, ruined and a waste of time! Whenever the evil flakes show up, I give up my curls and waves, and play with pretty braids or a messy bun ( see pictures below). I also stay away from any hair products. I try to stay as natural as possible, and give my hair a break from heat and products.

Most people think they have to trim their “dead ends” every now and then, which from my experience isn’t completely necessary. I cut my hair once a year, and it’s always because I want a new hairstyle. I don’t think I’ve ever gone into the salon and asked to cut my “dead ends.” I don’t let my ends die. In order to keep my ends healthy, I apply coconut oil to my ends after washing my hair before letting it air dry.
Skip washes not showers! I can go up to 4 days without washing my hair; but if you’re uneasy about not washing your hair starting off with every other day may work better for you. Lucky for me, my hair takes a few days to grease up, especially when the weather is extra dry. If my workout for the day is very intense and I sweat like crazy, I’ll skip the shampoo and only use conditioner (I am not a fan of dry shampoo). It is also a good idea to leave the conditioner on for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. By skipping washes, you are letting your hair produce more oil; therefore providing natural moisture and less breakage than you would with dry hair.
I am not a regular hair mask gal, but they are essential for desperate times. When I was 17, I bleached blonde streaks in my hair and turned my dark luscious hair into brittle horse hay. I learned a monumental lesson: never bleach your hair. I tried every mask in the hair book, the mayo mask (I know, gross) worked the best. My hair felt somewhat softer. Not too long after that mistake, I chopped my hair into a short bob. Desperately wanting my long hair back, I started not washing my hair everyday and also taking a few supplements. I take multivitamins everyday, but on top of that I started to take in the supplement “California Hair.” One of my friends swore by these pills, and I have to say she was right. Within a year my hair was back to being long ( around bra strap length)! I didn’t want to take them longterm; so once I was satisfied with my hair length, I stopped. I often hear a lot of women talk about prenatal pills; I tried these but they didn’t work for me. While I took them I felt bloated and anxious; I would not recommend them.

Cheers to healthy hair! XO

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