Thursday Thoughts: The Power of Friendship

One of my best friend’s birthday was yesterday and it led me into thinking about the power of friendship.

My friendships are a source of my strength. Even though I can get lost and hibernate, especially when school or work puts a lot of pressure on me. They are always there for me. I know I can always count on them for a helping hand or advice while my life is in turmoil. Also, if necessary to trash a cheating ex-boyfriend’s car. Okay, that happened one time when we were sixteen, but seriously do not mess with my girls or with their heart.

Relationships come and go, but true friends will never leave you. The memories I have in my heart will be there forever. I love those moments when I’m daydreaming and begin to reminisce about the good times. I consider myself very lucky to have these empowering women in my life and have been able to share so much with them. From my original best friend, my mom, who showed me what a little encouragement and appreciation can do for the soul to so many lovely ladies I’ve met along the way: young and old, innocently charming to wise beyond wonder. I am very grateful to have them in my life.


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