Tuesday Tips: Dealing with a Bad Day

Every once in a blue moon, I have a day that sucks. Yes, even I, a California yogi who specializes in stress-reducing antidotes can turn into a spicy little firecracker in less than two seconds. Whenever I am having  a rough time meeting my goals and throwing mini tantrums and self-pity parties, I am reminded that I am a normal human being. Usually during this time is when I realize my body and mind are in dire need of some TLC, or maybe I just need a cold bucket of water thrown at my face.

I hate having bad days. My hate list is relatively short: bad days and spiders.

Whenever, I find myself enraged while driving and wondering how some people managed to pass their driving test or looking through my long list of emails and never ending to-do list while rolling my eyes, worrying about my finances and career goals, or lusting for a soft chocolate chip cookie when I know I’m suppose to cut down on sugar, I either scream, cry, or laugh at my miserable moment. Because, it is a moment and the moment will pass. Having one bad day out of the month is sort of an accomplishment. There are loads of people who have it way worse on a daily basis.

So in honor of bad days and tantrums, today’s tips are all about how to deal with our selves when we are grumpy


Scream, shout, and let it out! Having a mini tantrum can act as a stress reliever. Obviously, I would not recommend throwing one in public. We are not five years old, and even if we were I believe our parents raised us better than that. I throw my mini tantrums in the privacy of my car, in the shower, in my room, or in my head. Releasing negative energy is a good thing because once we accept that something is off balance, we can find a way to correct it and bring ourselves back to center.


Vent! By venting to someone you trust, you can release thoughts that consume you and make room for improvement. Whenever I have a bad day, I call my mom. She usually never understands half of what I say, since I speak so fast when I am mad. But knowing that she’s there to sympathize and offer guidance makes me feel a lot better.


Not only will a shower clean your body, it will also clean your mind and leave you feeling refreshed. I get a lot of my ideas and emotions straightened out in the shower. Cold water cools me down, especially after an argument with my loved ones or a bad day I just want to forget. I’m no ice queen, so whenever I’m fuming I let the cold water run towards the end of my shower and stick my head under the shower head to gain a fresh perspective.


If possible, go to sleep! Granted, there are some issues that need to be resolved right away, but If you are fortunate enough to not be in that predicament I would highly recommend snoozing away. Why? Because sleep is the best meditation. Sleep helps me feel and look better. Whenever I get a good night of sleep (which is often) I wake up feeling refreshed with a positive perspective and ready to take on the day.

I hope these tips help you when you’re grumpy and whenever you find yourself enraged remember that everything has a solution! Cheers to the good days!

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