Claudia Andrea

Journalist, Claudia Bermudez is originally from Lima, Peru. In 1999, Bermudez and her family migrated to Los Angeles, California. In 2013 after 14 years of living undocumented, Bermudez became a DACA recipient and was able to legally work in the United States and receive financial aid for college. In 2016, Bermudez graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from California State University Dominguez Hills. While enrolled at CSUDH, Bermudez started her online blog, “Claudia on the Go” with the purpose to advise and inspire young women. In 2019, Bermudez stepped into news reporting as a bilingual Multimedia Journalist for NBC and Univision Palm Springs, where she interviewed a wide spectrum of people including politicians, law enforcement, social activists and local citizens with stories of interest. She is now a digital reporter and producer for Curious in L.A. Bermudez has a passion for immigration issues, community reporting, and entertainment. img_20190528_071013_246

I believe my purpose  in life is to help and inspire women whom like me needed a little motivation and understanding. I’m here to remind women that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and a lesson to be learned with every difficult situation.


Every day I find a little bit of MAGIC hidden everywhere and aspire to help and inspire you to find that magic by sharing my experiences and thoughts.

Thank you for reading and following along on my journey.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I bet your digital journalism classes were awesome! Did you enjoy them?


  2. Claudia Andrea says:

    Yup! The BEST time ever!


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