Mantras and Yoga to De-Stress with Video

Due to such a busy work and school schedule, I’ve been feeling anxious to an uncomfortable level. I’m taking 18 units at school and working two jobs that restoring myself at the end of the day is almost impossible. The changes and challenges around me have gotten so heavy that all I can truly do is let go and stay open. Whenever I feel the inevitable self-pity talk in my head, I turn to yoga and mantras. Mantras,  are a word or phrase repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Whenever the self-pity creeps in, I repeat a mantra at least 10 times and let work it’s magic. Below are some of my favorite mantras to help bring me back to center and a quick yoga sequence to help de-stress. The yoga sequence can be practiced at any time. Early in the morning or before bed is what I recommend; either to set up the mood for the day or give you a well rested slumber.


-What is meant to be yours, will be,

-Everything has a solution.

-Stay open, stay curious, and don’t be afraid to question.

-Whatever happens, I can handle it.

-I am a vibrant, healthy, joyful being of light.

Link to Video, Enjoy:

One Comment Add yours

  1. magraciard says:

    I can totally use this in my life!!! ♡ Thank You 🙂


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