Tuesday Tips : Back to the Flow

Whenever my life gets too hectic, I tend to feel unmotivated, fatigued and in a endless slump rut.

To get myself back into the flow of things and gain my motivation and shiny luster back I follow these 5 tips:

  1. MOVE: I get my body moving! I get up early and either hit a gym or a yoga class depending on my mood. If I need some inspiration I usually prefer yoga and If I want to burn off some steam I go to the gym and crank some motivational tunes. Check out my video De-Stress with Yoga here https://youtu.be/e8bAadr0kEg
  2. EAT: I nourish my body with nutrients and vitamins to help my body regenerate. I love eating mangoes which are beneficial to skin and hair thanks to their vitamin A content…and because they’re delicious.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 8.54.40 PM

3.HYDRATE: Water is so important in helping me feel refreshed. Water makes me go to the bathroom often which helps me eliminate toxins and impurities. Coconut water is one of my go-to’s to refresh.


4.PAMPER: I pamper myself in many different ways depending on how I feel. If I feel restless and stressed I will book a facial with my favorite esthetician Bernadette or give myself a-at home facial with my favorite Korean masks. I find that having time to do some personal grooming or shopping instantly make me feel better. Prepping outfits and doing my make-up are my favorite part of my day. These mini rituals help set the mood for me to have a beautiful day. When I feel beautiful I radiate that energy outward.


5.MEDITATE: Meditating and giving things for all the blessings in life really puts things in perspective for me. When I give thanks my attitude and outlook towards life instantly changes and my creativity sparks up again. I make lists for the blessings and people in my life and I instantly want to jump for joy. I realize I have all the tools and skills to keep moving forward and be flexible whenever unexpected change rocks my world.



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