Be Fearless & have Faith in yourself!

Now that we are 12 days into 2015, I finally decided to end the dramatic affair with my bed and sweatpants. It is time to finally get up and live life!

During one of the many discussions that happen in my mind, it occurred to me that I had let too many amazing opportunities slip out of my dainty hands these past few years. And that is exactly what would happen this year, if I didn’t take back my power. I decided to let go of the one thing that controls me most, FEAR. Fear that I will not achieve all of my goals, and fear that I will be judged, because let’s face it we are not very nice to each other.

The motivation and realization came to me while having a flashback from my childhood.

One day I wanted to play with my neighbor. I wondered over to her house and knocked very hard on her window; which lead to the window shattering. I was scared out of my mind. The first thing that came to my mind was to run and hide. I did exactly that. I hid, under my bed for two hours. Looking back now, all I had to do was punch my fear in the face. I could have owned up to my bad,apologized to my neighbor, and had my parents pay for a replacement. (sorry I was only 9!) The two hours I spent hiding would have not gone to waste. At this time, I obviously had no faith when things went wrong. Things are a lot different now. I no longer let fear control me and put my faith first in everything I do. When we take action with our faith instead of our fear, I find things fall into place in the most pleasant way.

Below are a few tips on helping you become free of fear:

1. Do everything with FAITH.

Whomever (or whatever) it is that you believe in always has a plan for you and will always wants the best for you. The universe acts in mysterious ways. When you allow it to work it’s magic, that’s exactly what you receive, MAGIC.

2. Whenever you feel like giving up, ask yourself why?

Why am I giving up? What is keeping me from achieving all my goals? Reconsider and remember that nothing worth having comes easy. Usually when someone wants to throw in the towel is when that magic moment happens. Patience is key. No one gets everything they want overnight. I don’t believe anyone is that special 🙂 ( We’re all special and we’re all fighting a battle)


Keeping a positive attitude is another key point. How can anyone expect to be rewarded if they complain all the time? I truly believe in the law of attraction, people who are grateful get rewarded because they truly appreciate all the blessings they have, as oppose to others who complain and nag, a negative vicious cycle is dangerous and hard to get out of, which brings me to tip # 4.

4. Stay away from negative people.

Nowadays I love to surround myself with friends and family who want to see me succeed as oppose to people who want to see me fail. I’ve had my share of negative friends and failed relationships. I appreciate every single person in my life and realized that we are not all on the same path. It’s hard to separate ourselves from negative individuals because we feel as though we have to be loyal to them( especially if they’re family) or wonder what their future will be without us (guilt trip).  Every one is on a different path and we can’t be responsible for other’s choices only our own.

Being FEARLESS is the most important intention for me this year. I won’t let anything stop me from achieving my goals.

Here’s to a wonderful and fearless 2015!

May all our dreams come true 🙂

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