Why you should ask for help

I use to think that needing help was a characteristic of the weak. Throughout out the years and experiences, I’ve discovered how wrong I was. Asking for help is not weak at all. Asking for help is an attribute of courageous people. Being able to ask for help when needed, shows others how much faith and trust you have towards them. As a kid I thought I could do it all, then when I fell flat on my face, I discovered I needed a few helping hands to get me back up. Everyday I try to help others with encouraging words and actions. I believe the circle of kindness should keep spinning all the time. Many people have helped me become the best person I can be and my intent is to help others become the best version of themselves.

P.S : HELP EACH OTHER! Something as minimal as a smile or a compliment can brighten someone’s day in so many ways.

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