Yoga and Affirmations as Stress Relievers

Worry, anxiety, and fear are three of the main culprits which produce stress in our bodies and our world. Whenever I feel that one of these little monsters is trying to uninvitedly creep on my day, I immediately acknowledge the fact, take a minute to breathe and combat the stress in my body by telling myself positive affirmations or yoga.

My favorite affirmation which I have said to myself through many years is : “Everything has a solution.” A grade-school nurse told me these kind words while I was in her office crying one day over 16 years ago and ever since it has been stuck in my conscience as my own personal mantra. I honestly do not remember why I was in the office that day, all I can remember are those words.

For the last couple of years I have also turned to yoga as a way to combat stress and the outcomes have been so rewarding. After my yoga practice I am able to think clearly, express myself truthfully through my voice and be of a compassionate nature to my peers and friends.

Below is a video to help you combat stress and take on the day! this sequence can be done either night or day or better yet for faster results BOTH!



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