Urth Caffe: Downtown Los Angeles

After sitting in Los Angeles traffic for what felt like an eternity and then looking for parking for another eternity, my friend Gabi and I finally arrived at Urth Caffe, to meet with our dear friend Kat.
We had been planning this get-together for over a month and were super excited, since the last time Gabi and I saw Kat was last Thanksgiving. Also, because Gabi and I are bonafide beach girls and it takes a lot to get us out of our “South Bay bubble” and into the wilderness that is downtown LA.
As we were pulling up towards the restaurant in the Art District of LA, I noticed a bunch of old run-down buildings, graffiti, trendy hipster-like people, and about four police cars.
“Why would anyone want to live here, and why is this place so trendy?” I thought to myself. “It’s ugly.”
There was not a crime scene or anything of that sort, the cops looked like they were just casually grabbing a bite to eat, which I thought was unusual since I have never been in a place where police officers like to gather.
Urth Caffe was crowded. It was infested with groups of young hipster kids, foreign exchange students, tall model-looking girls, older people wearing dark colors who were either on a date with their iPhones, or in a meeting with producers and photographers (who also wore dark clothing) and the three of us, who seemed to fit in with the dark clothes uniform.
As we looked through the menu, we took about 20 minutes to decide what to eat. I was very surprised to see hearty items on the menu. I was under the impression that this place only served coffee, tea, and maybe a small selection of salads and sandwiches. Pleasantly surprised and with a big smile on my face, I could not decide whether I should go for lasagna, tamales or a boring salad. I asked my friend’s to help me decide but since I’m always the one with the biggest appetite of the bunch I ended up going with my gut.
A few minutes after ordering we grabbed a table outside where we could comfortably people watch and catch up on life. Although the chairs were uncomfortable and the neighborhood a little sketchy, the company and vibes were priceless.
Surprisingly not too long after we had gotten situated our food and drinks arrived.
Kat ordered the Grilled Veggies with Pesto Salad, Gabi ordered the Turkey Roasted Panini and I had the Urth Chicken Tamales. Everything was flavorful, well proportioned and inexpensive. I drowned my tamales in the chipotle sauce provided for an extra kick of flavor.
The girls and I stayed at Urth Caffe talking, laughing, and drinking coffee past midnight.
I may not return to the Art District for a while but will be checking out Urth’s other locations especially the one in Santa Monica which is less than a mile away from the beach.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.35.05 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.35.16 PM

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