Yoga Wisdom Making it Easier for the Corporate World to Connect From Within.

We live in a world where we pay more attention to our mobile phones than we do to our families. It is very easy and oftentimes inevitable to lose ourselves and not reflect on our day, our lives and most importantly our health. Especially if we are in leadership roles. Leaders oftentimes get wrapped up in trying to create a successful company that they end up neglecting their health and run themselves to the ground

Jessica Schmidt, Harvard MBA and founder of Executive Sutra developed the Executive Sutra tools to help leaders reach their full potential, feel more empowered to connect with their employees and give everyone a sense of fulfillment and engagement at work

“I think leaders have an opportunity and a responsibility to create products and experiences that are going to add value,” said Schmidt.

With Executive Sutra, Schmidt plans to demystify yoga philosophy so that it can be leveraged with the business world for calmness and enhanced performance.

“What I do when I coach clients is induce a state of calm and relaxation but within that state create an opportunity to have more focus,creativity, empowerment, a better way to express oneself more clearly and articulately, a way to envision the future and lastly inspire with meaning,” said Schmidt.

Some of the tools Executive Sutra provides are visual meditations, physical movement and breathing techniques.

“Yoga classes from Executive Sutra are grounding and powerful, I’ve learned about my body, proper alignment as well as how yoga philosophy can enhance my yoga practice, my career and my life,” said Nicole, entrepreneur.

Executive Sutra also offers one-on-one executive coaching, corporate trainings, events and high-intensity corporate yoga.

“Every piece of this process has been valuable. I’m very pleased with this work and I know I’ve made meaningful gains,” said a representative from Barclay’s Bank.

Along with Executive Sutra, Schmidt also wrote an e-book titled “The Energized Executive: How to Get Focused, Strong and Calm.” “The Energized Executive” is part of a seven e-book series, the second e-book will be released Fall 2015.”The Energized Executive” features 25 tools for peak performance in business and beyond and is available for download on Amazon.

For more information on Executive Sutra visit their website at and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @executivesutra.

Jessica Schmidt from Executive Sutra holding her e-book
Jessica Schmidt from Executive Sutra holding her e-book “The Energized Executive”


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