Start Your Day by Setting Your Intention

“The beginning of your day is a fantastic place to plant the seed”- Kathryn Budig 

Waking up each morning in a good mood doesn’t come naturally to everyone, including me. Some of us want to keep sleeping, even if we have a long day ahead and already slept more than 8 hours (that’s me!) or wake up in a groggy mood because we didn’t get enough rest (that’s usually everyone else I know). There are some days when I can wake up and kickass, but there are also a lot of days where I wish I had a personal valet to get me out of my bed vortex.

Throughout the years, I have learned that setting an intention in the morning sets the mood for the rest of the day. I first learned about “intention setting” in a yoga class. Before the class started the teacher would tell us to set an intention and dedicate our practice to it. I have always been my toughest critic so usually my intention was to “trust myself,””believe in myself,” or simply “today will be a good day,” and usually it was a good day.

One of my worse habits is waking up and going straight for my phone. Although, digital media is a big part of my life and career, I know that this habit isn’t helping set the mood for my day. I can spend countless minutes to hours on my phone early in the morning; that by the time I have to start to get ready for my day, I have completely forgotten all about setting my intention and most importantly breakfast. I know it is hard to put the phone down, especially in this day and age where they play such a major role in our life.But, I believe it is important to prioritize ourselves and our health, and therefore leaving the phone alone so we can have a little pep talk first thing in the morning is a must!

Below are some affirmations to help you have a good day and shine from within☺️💕🌟:




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