Never Growing Up

Internally that is.  I never want to grow up; I never want to lose my young spirit.

When I was little, I thought I was a little weirdo. I’d see purple or orange beams whenever I closed my eyes, and believed I was the only one with such magical powers. Of course, I now  know that those little beams are  actually called phosphenes, which was a bummer to find out due to the fact that it made me normal. An upside to this, is the realization that there is always light within us even when we are shut down .

I learned all of my valuable life lessons as a kid. I learned that love is the strongest human energy and being able to share your creativity frees you from the square world.

Doing something I love makes me feel so full of life, even when it is not perfect. I’m 25, and usually have long stressful adult days, but everytime I  get home from work, I immediately start busting the most random dance moves in front of my family or beam out some tunes without even thinking about it. But now that I think about it.. lol. This happens because I am so happy to see them. I love them so much that the joy of being with them manifests in a dance or a song.

I hope you never grow up!




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