I can’t believe 2016 is coming to an end! With just a day and a half left of the year, I present to you 16 ways to make 2016 another amazing year!

  1. NEW YEAR/ FRESH START! The beginning of a new year is so exciting. It’s the perfect time to start over and let go of any attachments holding you back. This is easier said than done, but as long as you carry this intention with you, you will see results.
  2. DUMP YOUR EGO! Be respectful of yourself and others. Remember all those nice manners your parents taught you, and the two magic words please & thank you. Appreciate when others help you and help others during your journey. Develop self-awareness and learn to differentiate between when you are helping others and when you are being taken advantage. Also, don’t take advantage of others.
  3. EMBRACE YOURSELF! Embrace all of the things that make you unique. Learn to love yourself more each day.
  4. USE WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED:Take what you learned in 2015 as an opportunity to grow. Experiences, both good or bad, can help shift your perspective and/or send you in a new path professionally or personally. These experiences help shape us into who we really are.
  5. PLAN AHEAD: stay on top of things! Make use of your calendars in order to stay on top of deadlines and appointments.
  6. GET MORE SLEEP: Sleep really is a beautiful thing. Sleep keeps your memory sharp and strengthens your immune system.
  7. UNWIND AND UNPLUG: Live in the present. Enjoy other’s company and your own presence.
  8. KNOW THYSELF: Know who you are. When you know who you are, you won’t be phased by other’s opinions of you, which frees you up to be genuinely happy.
  9. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS: Make a list of what you want to achieve every month. I find that a list with a short deadline is much easier to accomplish than one which seems to far away.
  10. VISUALIZE: Seeing is believing. Mental imagery stimulates your brain and motivates you to take initiative, which can ultimately lead you to accomplish your goals.
  11. MOVE YOUR BODY: Your body was made to move! Don’t get stuck in a rut and not give it what it needs. You should stretch everyday, even if you don’t work out intensely. During days when I don’t want to do an intense workout, I like to put on my headphones and walk my dog or walk alone around the park(or the mall).
  12. LISTEN: Our minds like to wander off. Listening is just as important as talking in a conversation. It shows respect, and provides emotional support and healing for the other person. Do you notice how much better someone feels after they vent their worries to you?
  13. COMPLIMENT OTHERS: A nice and genuine compliment makes others and yourself feel good. Acknowledging your peers and your friends will make them feel more appreciated.
  14. SAVE MONEY: Nobody likes being broke. I save at least 10% of every paycheck and pretend that money doesn’t exist.
  15. BREAK BAD HABITS: The new year is a great time to make conscious choices and let go of what no longer serves you.
  16. DON’T STOP LEARNING: Know that you have all of the tools needed to succeed, and if you are not skilled at something, LEARN! Most successful people are curious and never stop learning. Like the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amouroso says “Someone has to succeed, so it might as well be YOU!”





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