Planners, my essential item for 2016

I am probably the most organized person I’ve ever known. I love being on top of my stuff and never miss have I missed a single deadline.

I started using planners ever since elementary school; I used to only own one planner and use that for everything. Now, I own three! I have a personal, school, and work planner. I also have big calendar and a weekly calendar on my fridge. This helps me stay on track of everything!

I really love fun and bright planners. My planners are usually loud because important dates have been highlighted and just simply because I love making my planners personable by adding stickers, inspirational quotes or forget-me-not notes.

I will say that these skills come in handy for more than just meeting deadlines. Many of my employers remember me as someone who was always organized and got things done; therefore my list of referrals is pretty long. Also, whenever I interview candidates and see them carrying a planner, my heart skips a beat because I know how organized and responsible they are.









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