Stay Rooted and Bloom!

I like to think I’m a very adaptable person. My life has taken me to various places and circumstances. and I’ve always seem to have fit right in.

In order for me to succeed in all the different stages of my life, I’ve had to plant some roots. My roots are my foundation, and the foundation of my character is based on faith and compassion for others.

It doesn’t matter if my circumstance is temporary, like if I’m visiting friends from out of town, or a forever circumstance, like my marriage, or a semi-permanent circumstance like a job, I  always find it important to plant roots and leave my mark.  I always do my best, I am kind and respectful, and I let my reputation speak for itself -those are my roots.


The Chakras, which are the 7 energy circles of the subtle body begin with the Root Chakra. You can’t live a balanced life if your foundation is unstable.  If I we’re to be all over the place, which I can be at times! I would be a hot mess (which I’m guilty of at least once of a month). But luckily, I have a solid foundation based on my family and god.

Even when I’m stressed out or things don’t go the way I plan them to. I know I am always supported by them, all it takes is a prayer or a text message.

Stay rooted and bloom!



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