Fancy a cup ‘o’ tea?

It’s no surprise that I’m a tea-aholic. Once upon a time, I was a major coffee addict, but now my sensitive stomach can barely handle a sip of it. Which is totally fine by me since I much prefer to sip a cool and refreshing iced tea.

I finally tried the infamous and instagramable, “Alfred” coffee house in L.A. Let me just say the brew smelled delicious and as tempted as I was to have a sip of coffee, I just could not do that to my poor tummy. But, I did try their delicious Black Rose Iced Tea and it did not disappoint! I’m generally a green tea gal but “Black Rose” sounded too good to pass up and also Alfred doesn’t sell green tea, lol.

The atmosphere of the shop is pretty modern. They have comfy lounge chairs outside if you just wanna chill and lots of tables if you wanna get sh*t done. I went to Alfred’s on my day off with the hubs, so we were definitely just chilling. 🙂

what are some of your favorite coffee spots in L.A? signature

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