Lessons of a 29-year-old

Where did the time go? In just a few days, I’ll be entering the last year of my 20s. I can definitely say the time wasn’t wasted and I’ve learned many lessons along my journey.

1. Trust the timing of your life

When I was younger and in the midst of heartbreak, rejection, or just down in the dumps, I thought the pain would never end. Now, I know that everything happens for a reason, everything heals and you have to learn to TRUST the timing of your life. Just because your best friend found her dream job at 22, and you found yours at 28 doesn’t make your journey less special. It just means everything happens right when it should and when God thinks you’re ready for it.

2. Patience is a virtue

Patience and timing are intertwined. I’ve always been very impulsive so patience was never my strong suit. I learned the virtue of patience the hard way. Learning to be patient, helped me fall in love with the man of my dreams, it put me in a career path that I love and excites me, and helps me appreciate life’s little moments.

3. Independence needs help

When I was in my early 20s, I never asked for help, I wanted to prove myself and thought I could do it all on my own. Which I can but also can’t (does that make sense? Lol) I have and can do a lot of things on my own but there’s nothing better than sharing your journey. I used to think failures were a sign of weakness, so I would keep all of the tough times to myself. But now, I know that I can share these failures with the people that love me and now know they wont judge me over it. When I share my toughest moments I actually feel better because I know that I’m not alone. I dont expect anyone to pick up the pieces for me but life is so much better when you feel supported and loved. 💛

There’s no stronger energy in this world then love.

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