Tips to help you fall asleep

Sleep is a beautiful thing.

Sleep is rest, rejuvenation, and meditation all in one.

If we  frequently have trouble falling asleep or disturb it by getting up in the middle night, then we don’t get to enjoy all of sleep’s grand benefits. The benefits of a sweet slumber are many, you can reduce anxiety, decrease the risk of a heart attack, improve your memory, help reduce inflammation and clear up skin, and prevent depression.

My tips for a sweet slumber:

Shower at night: Not only will it help your body relax before bed, you also get to sleep in longer in the morning since you can skip the shower part of your morning routine.

Essential Oils: The one I have on my bedside is Lavender, I love how calm it makes me feel as soon as I take that first sniff.. ahhhh..

Avoid electronics: If you’re one of those people that can’t turn off their phones, at least keep it away from your nightstand. Phones and computers can be very distracting and addicting, which can rob you from precious sleep time. The stimulation and blue light from electronics can also make it hard to fall asleep.

-Read your favorite book : By reading a book you’ve already read, you’ll be able to relax instead of keeping your brain busy.

Meditate: Clear your mind before bed. Put your problems to rest, and reassure the fact that everything has a solution. I also like to write down a few things I’m grateful for in my journal every night, to highlight the positive experiences of my day.

Sweet Dreams,



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