Sunday Series: The Chakras | Sacral Chakra Affirmations

Welcome back to Sunday Series: The Chakras! I hope the exercises from last week helped you feel more grounded and secure. Affirmations always work for me the best for me; I had a crazy busy schedule this past week, and finding small moments to say these affirmations made my week a lot more enjoyable and manageable.

This week, we are moving on up to the second chakra aka the sacral chakra. Women tend to have an over dominant sacral chakra, especially if you are like me, and are very tapped in to your sensuality. By sensuality, I’m referring to our senses: the ability to feel, touch, listen, observe, and speak.

The joy to live, emotions, intimacy, creativity, and confidence all come from the sacral chakra. If the second chakra is constantly flowing, the ability to let go and move on from whatever is holding you back from your full potential becomes easier. Anything that has to do with the creative process comes from your second chakra. (i.e websites, art, music,poems) We live in a society that doesn’t value creativity or feelings much, therefore blockages in the second chakra are very common nowadays.

The second chakra is located in the lower abdomen, do you ever have that gut feeling? That’s your sacral chakra talking to you. Listen to your gut.

You can always tell when someone has a healthy sacral chakra; these people tend to be very compassionate of others, nurturing, passionate, creative, true to their feelings, and  active. People refer to these individuals as “sweet” or “lovely.” Someone with a blocked sacral chakra can be considered “cold” “frigid”, jealous, and over sensitive. The sacral chakra starts to develop around 6 months- 1 year. During this time, my parents gave me a lot of love and confidence, so I can say that my second chakra is very open. Like I mentioned on last week’s post, just because one of your chakras is open doesn’t mean you should stop working on it. I am a woman, therefore an emotional being; yet I observe and decide which battles are worth fighting for and which are better to distance myself from or let go. I don’t let my emotions rule my life, I always have the ability to choose, and tend to transform negative emotions into positive ones.

Sacral Chakra and Women Cycles

Most women feel an imbalance in their second chakra during their menstrual cycle. Even the sweetest girl can turn into a monster during this time thanks to the mood swings, an unbalanced sacral chakra brings. During this time, I usually choose to be alone (if I can) and appreciate my femininity. I don’t really feel creative or have a lot of energy while on my cycle, so I use this time to get some extra rest, read books, watch TV shows or movies, and give myself extra TLC (i.e spa days, massages, mani, pedis.)  I nurture and appreciate who I am and come back to kick ass three to five days later.

How to balance your sacral chakra

-Watch the sunset, especially orange sunsets.

-Express yourself through writing, art, dancing..etc

-Appreciate and love your relationships (i.e: friends, parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, co-workers)


-I am enough, I am more than enough.

-I feel inspired and creative.

-I create opportunity and abundance in my world.

-I go with life’s flow


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