Beauty Essentials: Lip Liner

I gotta say lip liners are a total game changer! During this time last year, I had no idea what they’re purpose on this earth was, but now I can’t live without them!

There are so many benefits to lining your lips; I even use them on my “no makeup” makeup days. My favorite benefit from lipliners is that they make the outer edges of my lips look even. I went through a horrible acne phase a few years ago, which left my lip line with pesky scars. I color slightly (really slightly!) over my lips, especially over my upper lip since my bottom lip is fuller.

Lip liners are also essential for whenever I wear lipstick,including nude lipstick. Lip liner helps keep my lipstick from bleeding and fading. They also makes the applying process a lot easier. Before, I discovered lipstick, I would have to have a tissue handy, so I could clean up the messy edges.

My favorite make-up trick is wearing red or pink lipliner and then coloring my lips with a mauve or nude lipstick. It makes my lips look extra rosy, which I love since my lips are a nude-brownish hue.

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