Sunday Series: The Chakras | Root Chakra Awareness, Meditation, and Yoga

I decided to start this series so we can become more aware of what goes on internally in our bodies. I’ve done yoga for the past four years and even though the flexibility and strength is rewarding, the psychological and spiritual aspect is what has mainly helped to shape and develop me into a mentally strong human being.

My yoga practice introduced me to the Chakras. Chakras, sanskrit for wheels, are circles of energy centers throughout our bodies. Because of unawareness in our bodies some chakras can be closed off and/or lack the energy to flow again. Some of our unconscious choices also affects our chakras, which ultimately can affect the way we feel emotionally and physically. I believe that keeping our chakras balanced is essential for our wellbeing, By awakening our chakras we can enjoy their benefits and tap into our intuition.

When I first learned about Chakras, I believed that I just had to tap into them once and boom I’d be balanced. It takes a lot more than that. Just like any other practice, it must be done regularly. Opening up your chakras takes time, a flower doesn’t bloom overnight and neither do you or your chakras. We are always a work in progress. I picked Sunday as the day to start the series so you and I can practice throughout the entire week, there are seven chakras so this will be a seven week  process.

Let’s start with our foundation: The Root Chakra aka Muladhara Chakra

The first chakra is our root, our source of life energy. It is located in the area of the coccyx, and governs anything in the physical body which gives us stability, like our legs, feet, and skeleton. From this chakra we gather the will to live and the energy needed to trust and self-preserve. The root chakra is the foundation to all of the other chakras, this chakra supports the rest, therefore it is important to keep our foundation strong.When the energy of the root chakra flows freely, it is effortless to be strong and secure in the world. Any circumstance thrown at you can be handled, because you are grounded.

Having a sense of grounding, feeling secure and protected is the best way to start anything. Whether it’s a new day, project, or relationship, having that secure foundation of trusting yourself will make your goals attainable and successful. You can always tell when someone is grounded in their first chakra, even if they don’t know what a chakra is. These people have a strong will to live, they have amounts of energy, and look at the bright side of any circumstance. These people tend to finish what they start and don’t give up.

Blockages in the first chakra are evident in people who are apathetic, lack trust in life, confidence or motivation, and are always worried and anxious. When the root chakra is not in harmony, a person can become egotistical and aggressive with their own interests, like those people who love to take and never give. A poorly developed root chakra is dependent, indecisive, and easily overwhelmed. Sort of like a young child, except a child is expected to be dependent on their parents, while they develop their own sense of self-preservation.

The power of creativity resides in our first chakra, whenever my thoughts are scattered, and I’m not feeling grounded, I’m unavailable to create.This is the time when I need to be alone in order to reflect and reset my root chakra.

Affirmations to harmonize the root chakra

For one week pick one to three affirmations to start and end your day. Say these affirmations 5 to 10 times with the intention to stabilize and energize the flow of your root chakra. Pick affirmations that make you feel grounded and secure such as:

-I trust in the power of life

-All is well in my world

-My income is always increasing

-Each day is a new opportunity

-Life is on my side

-I love and approve of myself

-I have all I need to succeed

-I am rooted

-I am strong

-I am supported

Harmonizing the root chakra (VIDEO) 

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to balance out your root chakra in the most efficient ways I’ve found. Two of my favorite ways to balance out my chakras are with yoga and meditation. You should also look up ‘LAM Meditation’ on Youtube and listen to it while you meditate or in the car while driving.

Signs of an unbalanced root chakra, according to ‘A Handbook of Chakra Healing’ by Kalashatra Govinda: 

-If you feel you’ve lost trust in life.

-If you don’t feel at home in your own body.

-if you worry about the future and meeting your obligations.

-If you feel like you’re losing your emotional footing.

-If you feel chronically tired and lacking in energy.

-If you don’t exercise enough.

-If you often feel cold, or have cold hands and feet.

-If you have a problem with your colon.

-If you have a tendency towards back pain.

-If you have anemia or blood-related ailments

-If you suffer from sciatica or throw your back out.

-allergic reactions are connected tor root chakras

Good luck balancing out your root chakra this week, if you have any questions or concerns, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

See you here next week for chakra number 2 : The sacral chakra, which is my overdominant chakra so expect a lot of information.

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