Sunday Series| The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra reigns above the rest, hence the name. This chakra isn’t governed by intelligence, rather it is governed by a sense joy and peace. Even if you’ve never heard of the crown chakra, you are probably familiar with it’s mantra OM. OM is  the most universal sacred mantra, and is used to unite one with the rest of the universe.

The crown chakra resides at the top of the head, outside of the physical body. The crown chakra not only influences our brain but also our entire organism. At this point, we become awake and aware that we are more than just our ego, and that everything is connected. Someone with a healthy crown chakra appreciates the world they live in and their fellow companions. Usually these people are the ones we look for when we need inspiration and strength. These people tend to live in a state of gratitude and naturally attract positive situations and effects into their life. Signs of an unbalanced crown chakra include a feeling of discontent and depression.

Signs your crown chakra needs some tuning include:


-Sleep disorders

-Weakened immune system



-Chronic fatigue

Even thought the crown chakra is the highest of them all, it depends on the rest of the chakras to work accurately. It is important to awaken the rest of the chakras before awakening the crown chakra, especially the root chakra . The root chakra complements the crown , and it is very important to have both of these points healthy. The crown chakra helps us to become grateful and appreciative of the divine energy, while the root chakra keeps us rooted and strong in our will to survive.

Ways to balance out your crown chakra: 

-Meditate, calm your thoughts and feelings once a day preferably before bed.

-Climb mountains.  Open up to the mountains, they are very rooted but also very high 😉

-Keep a gratitude journal and find the joy in every day.

-Wear white clothing whenever possible to expand your aura.

Affirmations for the crown chakra: 

-The essence go my being is light and peace.

-I listen to the wisdom of the universe

-I am at peace

-I let go of attachments

-I am connected to the universe


Be sure to check out my previous posts for tips on how to tune the rest of the chakras!






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