Being Claudia on the go

If you are the kind of girl that is usually handling a thousand things at once, then you and I have a lot in common.

I’m usually running (and driving) around like a crazy person trying to meet all of my work and personal demands. Even though my many endeavors can be stressful , I feel so rewarded at the end of the day  knowing  that I’ve achieved so much. It is also very gratifying to know how close I am to reaching my long term goals.

I believe in order to win, one must possess certain qualities. Being organized and having a strong work ethic are two of the main reasons why I stand out from the rest, and can definitely helps anyone stick out from the average bunch.

Being an organized person, helps me stay on top of all of my deadlines, assignments, events, requirements, and birthdays. Even though there are so many apps and digital calendars (iCal, Google Calendars) to help me stay organized, I still feel the need to carry a planner around. When I actually write what I need to do down, I feel like my brain remembers it and I actually commit to my tasks.

There is no such thing as multitasking for me. I am not that person that can do everything at the same time. I have to do one thing at time in order to excel at it, which is why I tend to plan my days ahead of time. My work represents me, so I like to take my time in order to avoid performing subpar.

Just because I plan ahead doesn’t mean I’m super uptight and can’t relax. I love spontaneous trips and a fun night out. Planning and organizing is mainly a Monday through Friday thing for me. During my free time and weekends, I love to sleep in, spend time with my family and friends, find adventures, party all night, and enjoy Sunday Brunch.





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