Living my Best Life

These past few weeks have been quite lively. There’s been celebrating, grieving, traveling, and spending quality time with my friends and family. With so many diversions, I rarely paused to take a minute to check in with myself.

As an “outgoing” introvert (yes, we exist,) I need alone time to check in with my energy and vibe, especially after spending time with a lot of people. Last week, I noticed how irritable and cranky I was feeling, I’m super chill by nature so this feeling was definitely foreign. After taking a couple minutes to sit with myself, I realized I just needed to chill out, catch up on sleep and breathe.

No matter how overwhelming and stressful the demands of my life can be, I make it a point to live my best life. We’re only given one life, and I intend to make the best of it every day.

Of course, I am human so when something not-so-happy happens, I allow myself the time to grieve, vent or cry in order to create a shift for the better and bring my awareness back to center. I wanted to share a couple of tips of how I’m here on earth just living my best life:

-Pray (aka have faith)

My faith is so much bigger than my fears, whenever I have a moment of self-doubt or a big challenge to get through, I pray for strength and wisdom. I also pray for those I adore, like my husband, my family, and my friends. I pray for health and for god to give me the grace to help me leave this world better than I found it. I pray for Mother Earth’s healing and community. I’m a big believer that tomorrow is always a brighter day and I live in a state of gratitude, I have been blessed in tremendous ways and I know I deserve all of my blessings but I also know that god gave these blessings to me.

-Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet (aka nourish yourself…)

…or is it #treatyourself? I’ll admit, I’m literally the worst when it comes to dieting. I love cheeseburgers, fries and give me all the sweets! But, I also know that I need to fuel my body with the proper nutrition it deserves. So, I make it a point to include all the food groups in my diet. Again, I admit, I’m definitely a work-in-progress when it comes to nutrition. But as I have gotten older, I’ve noticed the difference in my body between when I eat healthy and when I overdose on chocolate (I feel better when I eat healthy). Luckily, I live with a man who loves to cook and is aware of proper nutrition, so I still get to overdose on chocolate from time to time. It’s all about balance, but seriously don’t forget to include fruit and veggies in your daily consumption.


Love so hard. Love yourself, love your neighbor, your significant other, your family or your pets. I believe love is the strongest human energy and we need more of it in this world. Love creates more love, so don’t be afraid to love, even if you have been hurt before. Love yourself and the world so much that you allow your old scars to heal and you allow for all the good in the world to come your way.

Help Others 

There isn’t a better feeling than knowing I’ve made someone’s day. Whether it is by inspiring a reader to let love in or by helping an older lady carry her suitcase up the stairs because the airport elevator is broken (even if I’m out of breath after the fact, I need to work on my muscle strenght.) Knowing that I can help a friend or a stranger in need brings so much joy to my heart!

I know life isn’t easy but it sure is beautiful.

Live your best life my loves,


Post photo by Roger Brojas. Find him on instagram @rogerbrojas

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