Coffee With a Side of Career Advice

I recently picked up the book “Leave Your Mark” by Aliza Licht. I had heard some hype about the book, and the front cover besides being super cute (god, I’m such a millennial) read” Land your dream job. Kill it in your career. Rock Social Media.” Well, I’ve yet to land my dream job, I have a career which involves social media, so why not take a chance with this book? I do love reading and taking kick ass advice from women I admire. 🙂

I think of this book as a mentor for young women professionals like me. I’m definitely trying to do it all: kick ass in my career, blog as much as I can, spend time with my boyfriend, family, friends and manage to have time for SELF-CARE! Adulting is hard and real y’, make your mark, career advice, claudia on the go, claudia bermudez, coffee chat, advice, social media

I love how the author describes this book as grabbing a cup of coffee with her. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and check out the top tips that I picked from having coffee with my mentor, Aliza Licht below (the bold quotes are from her book, the commentary is my own)

  1. “You are your own brand, and how you manage your personal brand can make or break your career”  Get rid of any compromising pictures of you on Social Media. We were all 18 and 21 once, we get it, it was so fun and so long ago, but your current or future employer won’t care how long ago those pictures were taken. If they are going to invest in an employee, they will do a social media background check, with that being said, drunk pictures of you at a bar can be a major dealbreaker! Also, think twice about what you post online, people are so quick to judge and misconstrue your words. I tend to NOT post on impulse. It just works out better for me 🙂
  2. “If you want to a profession, you need to act like a professional”  I can’t even stress how many people do not know how to be interview-ready You should definitely dress for the job you want not the job you have. Back in the day when I used to sit in on job interviews at my former job, so many “prospects”  would show up in casual clothes, address the interviewer by her first name (unless the interviewer has told you to call her by her first name, always use Mr/Ms. Last Name,) would forget their resume, and worst of all while on the pre-interview phone call would ask if we could text them our address for the interview! Heck no, we cannot text you the address for your interview. Either you need to jot the address down while on the phone or use google to find the address. A prospective employer should not have to do your job for you and like the book states: Do not have your parents call a prospective employer, just don’t be that person. 
  3. “Don’t expect a thank-you note or a pat on the back, or a pat in the back do a great job for YOURSELF.” You guys know I’m a strong believer that gratitude goes a long way! I definitely want to be that boss that thanks her employers as often as I can because without employees their wouldn’t be a company. Okay, now back to reality, this usually is not the case in most companies. I’m not saying that most bosses are ungrateful self-centered jerks but I’m also not saying that they aren’t. Some bosses or higher ups are so caught up on their work drama that they forget to thank the little people. Now this really isn’t something we should take personal. Take Aliza’s advice and when you do a kick-ass job do it for yourself! Your hard work will definitely make a difference and will help to develop you in your next role whether at that company, another job, or if you eventually want to work for yourself. It’s all about paying your dues and not taking stuff personal. (UGH, I know!)




The author of “Make Your Mark”, Aliza Licht is the genius behind the former twitter handle, @DKNYPRGirl. Think of her as the Gossip Girl of DKNY. She had about half a million followers and engaged with twitter followers on the daily with her sassy persona. I believe the account was wiped out from the twitterverse when she left the company in 2015. You can now follow at @leaveyourmark or @AlizaLicht.



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