Top Must-Have Drugstore Products

Beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

So don’t worry babes on a budget, I’m sharing my top MUST-HAVE drugstore products!

For video: click here or scroll down!


If you didn’t know, I’m beyond obsessed with Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation! It is my ultimate go-to foundation, I have been using it since 2012- 2013! (I can’t remember the exact date!) This foundation leaves my skin feeling and looking flawless! I also love that it doesn’t give my skin that “cakey” feeling. I have a couple of acne scars along my cheeks, and this foundation does the trick to keep those pesky scars hidden! I love the full coverage this foundation provides, it definitely hides my scars and redness.


Another one of my favorite drugstore brands is ELF Cosmetics. I really love their products, they’re super inexpensive and last a decent time for “lower end” makeup. One of my favorites from ELF is their Prism Naked eyeshadow palette. I love the shimmery colors in this palette, they are perfect for everyday and a night out.

NYX Lipliner is another drugstore favorite of mine. I do not wear lipstick without lipliner, I just can’t do it, I’m a lipliner SNOB. I own a couple shades of NYX lip liners, but my ultimate favorite is the shade “natural.” I love this shade because I love natural-looking lipsticks (nudes, pinks, mauves), and also because I can wear this shade on it’s own, (no lipstick or lipgloss required.) If you look in my beauty bag, there may  or may not be lipstick, but I can guarantee you, you will always find lip liner in there.


Cetaphil! I cannot get enough of the Cetaphil brand. My dermatologist recommended this brand to me a few years ago when I was fighting acne. Ugh, I know, acne is the absolute worse! I love Cetaphil’s Gentle Face Wash and their Acne Prone Face Wash. I tend to use their gentle face wash everyday and use the Acne face wash during my menstrual cycle or whenever my face breakouts.

Aquaphor is a hidden gem! I use Aquaphor for everything! I use it on my dry skin, minor cuts, minor burns and of course as chapstick! Honestly, I cannot leave the house without applying Aquaphor. I also can’t wear lipstick without it. I feel like my lips will crack if I don’t, and therefore my lipstick will be ruined. I looove this product, I also apply it at night after brushing my teeth. Aquaphor is my jam!

What are your drugstore favorites?


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