Techie Girls

Recently, I drove down to San Diego for a beginner course in Computer Coding. The class was hosted by #Latina Geeks, Girls in Tech SD, Stella Rosa, and Microsoft.

The class was super fun, it involved delicious conchas (pan dulce aka Mexican sweet bread), a delicious lunch provided by Healthy Momma SD, meeting new friends (Hey, Liv!) and of course learning the fundamental basics of coding.

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As a Digital Media professional, learning to code was definitely on my to-do list. I was able to recognize and learn the terminology of coding which will now help me in my career, especially when it comes to e-commerce and blogging.

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I think it’s highly imperative for girls to learn how to code and get involved in the tech field. There are so many job opportunities in tech, and the demand for techies has grown so much in the last few years. I also believe with all the new technologies being innovated in an exponential manner, the demand in the tech field will also keep on growing.

Here are some top reasons why girls should learn to code:

  1. Job Opportunities: Almost every job requires technology nowadays, the opportunities range from Excel Data Analyst, Teacher, Doctors to Space Engineer. So many jobs require technology in their field.
  2. Stay Woke I believe that just how technology keeps innovating and growing, so should we! Let’s not fight the evolution and growth! Our world is going to keep growing and evolving, so let’s not stay stuck in our ways and grow with it. You know what they say “get with it or get lost.” I would never want to lose my job to somebody who decided to grow and innovate themselves. I always want to be that person who will keep on learning and growing.
  3. Girls Can Do Anything! The gender gap is real in technology! According to this article by Huffpost, the number of women in tech has declined since the 90s! What the french toast, shouldn’t it be growing? Let’s step our game up ladies, Si se puede!

Thank you #LatinaGeeks for having me! Be sure to follow them on Instagram for upcoming Coding workshops in the LA and OC area.



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