Be Kind To Yourself

Life can be so demanding. Although, I like to think myself as someone who puts self-care on top of her to-do list,  there are time when I  find myself restless and unmotivated.

I am a firm believer that we do not get what we want, we get what we deserve. There are so many beautiful things in my life and I know that I deserve every single one of them (thank you God!) but I am also a woman with goals and ambitions so whenever I hit a rut, I tend to throw myself a pity party and sulk in the thought that maybe I’m not good enough & I should just give up. When I’m caught in this negative self-talk, I immediately think of myself as a child (full of dreams and innocence) and what she would say to me in this situation.  She would tell me to take a day off and go to sleep because tomorrow will be a better day. You don’t have to have all the answers today, but you do have to be well to receive all your blessings, you never know they might just come tomorrow. 😉

Since I’m feeling a little under the weather today, I wanted to share what I do to get me right back to normal (if you can call me

  1. Shower:  I take a long hot shower and cleanse away my worries. I will usually say affirmations such as “Today is going to be a good day” or “Opportunity comes my way today.” If affirmations aren’t your thing, I’m sure singing your favorite tune in the shower will work just as well.
  2. Pamper: Mini facial.. umm yes please! For me, there is nothing more pleasing than pampering! Whenever I’m down I love to feel brand new by trying new face masks (Lush is a must,) reshaping my eyebrows, painting my nails, trying new makeup tricks or hairstyles. These mini “rituals” always brighten my mood. Feel good, look good!
  3.  Breakup with Social Media (for the day): I love Social Media, but sometimes peeps can go a little crazy on the internet. If I’m already feeling down, I don’t want to feel way low  by watching videos of a bunch of negative events going on in the world. I’m not saying that we should be oblivious about our current events, but social media sends too much information way too fast! Our brains need a break!

4. Netflix and Chill: Does this need any further explanation? Binge watching my favorite shows always makes me happy. I also think you can multi-task while binge watching Netflix which is another reason to love it!

5. Count your blessings: This has got to be my favorite way to turn my frown upside down. I have been so very blessed. I have beautiful relationships with friends and family, a secure job, a fun hobby (blog & photography), a beautiful labrador and a partner who loves to see me smile. I have many goals that I need to reach but I also know that I am on the right track and right where I need to be.

Listen to your heart, body and mind, make sure you reply to them kindly ❤

xo// Claudia



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