Sunday Series| The Chakras: The Throat Chakra

I like to think of this chakra as the point where trust and communication meet. Many times we don’t speak our truth. We either say things we do not mean, or things we believe are what others want to hear. This used to happen to me all the time while growing up. I had a really hard time saying no to others, and more often than not ended up in unwanted situations. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when I realized I had the power to not be in these “compromising situations”. I learned how to  stand my ground and say NO in a compassionate way. I no longer put other’s needs before mine. Sure, I lost friends and relationships along the way, but ultimately I found my truest friends and learned to let go of attachments and have-to’s.

The fifth chakra is all about communication and expression.This chakra is our center of sound, and gifts us with healing, intelligence, and musical expression. A person with a healthy throat chakra can be recognized as someone who speaks loud and clear. These people tend to get their messages across and fill their words with feelings which makes it easy for them to cause an impact and influence others.

The throat chakra governs the throat, mouth, tongue, thyroid and larynx. Healthy respiration is also a sign of a strong throat chakra. An unbalanced throat chakra usually will manifest itself in a sore throat, trouble breathing, bronchitis, dental issues, and stiffness in neck and shoulders. Someone with an overactive chakra may be manipulative with their words and/or talk down to people.

So let’s start speaking our truth and balancing out throat chakra:

-Think before you speak, be patient and take your time choosing the right words to express yourself.

-Sing and listen to music. Do you ever notice how good you feel after a jam session while driving? Singing stimulates your fifth chakra because it is a form of expression.

-Take a public speaking class or read out loud.

-Learn another language. Learn how to express yourself in other tongues. The more  languages you know, the more people you can connect with.

-Practice mantras and daily affirmations.

-Be courageous, stand your ground and have your own opinions. Don’t go with the flow, if it’s not what you believe in.

-Wear bright blue colors! Look up to the sky and/or the beach.

Favorite Fifth Chakra Affirmations:

-I speak from the heart and let truth be my guide.

-I use the power of words to make the world a better place.

-I am impeccable with my word ( from The Four Agreements)

-Everyday it becomes easier to express what I think and feel.





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