Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas! (video)

Hello lovers!

I can’t believe we are already in February! The year is already flying by!

*For video: click here

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to share three gift ideas that won’t break the bank. These ideas are versatile so we’ve got everyone on your love list covered: boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, in-laws, and of course friends.

I love handwritten letters from the heart, so I chose this as the theme for my Valentine’s Day gift this year. I’m a big believer that a love letter can brighten anyone’s day and you don’t have to wait till Valentine’s Day to share the love!

For your sweetie: I love being cheeky and playing with words so I found a really cute card at TJ Maxx (best store ever for greeting cards and less than $2!) that reads “You’re My Main Squeeze.”  On the inside of the card  I wrote “4 Reasons Why I Love To Squeeze You.” My sweetie’s name is Josh, so again I played with words and wrote these reasons:

Jazzy: You’re my lively and bright boo!

Open-hearted: I can always confide in you.

Support: You are my rock & I love you to the moon and back.

Honest: You always tell it like it is!

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For your parents and/or in-laws: There’s nothing better for a parent than to know how much they are appreciated by their children. I think this is their goal in life right? I’m writing both my parents and my S.O’s parents sweet appreciation letters. I found these cute greeting cards from Target and went to town with the sweet messages. I’m going to add an extra touch by pairing the cards with a bouquet of flowers. This extra step is totally optional, but if you have the funds, why not add a gift card to their favorite restaurant, so they can have a date night on you. Of course, if you don’t have the funds for a gift card or flowers, I guarantee you a handwritten card will be more than enough. 🙂

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Gal Pals & Coworkers: I’m sending my closest friends snail mail! That’s right, I’m going totally vintage and mailing them their Valentine’s Day cards. My best friend’s birthday falls on the day before Valentine’s Day so I will definitely take her out for dinner as well. I belong to different group threads with my friends, so I’ll definitely be sending the badass woman in my life messages on why they rock via text message! My office gal pals are also getting handwritten notes and super duper cute office supplies. Target had the cutes things in the Bullseye’s section so I bought them each something cute and useful (erasers, to-do lists, goal planners, paper clips).

You don’t have to to have “someone” special in your life to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget you are amazing and your best company. When I was single I used to love spending time in solitude and watch my favorite chic flicks and shows (SATC marathon? Uh, yes please.)

I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day with your sweetie, family, your gals, pets, or your amazing self. ❤




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