Blowouts & Champagne

My first DryBar experience didn’t blow me away to say the least. I wanted big sexy curls for my birthday dinner, but my curls were flat before I even got there. I thought I was totally done with the DryBar, but when I saw that they were having a DryBarXPrettyLittleLiars promotion I decided to give them a second shot.

This time, I was definitely blown away thanks to the awesome Megan, who was a delight during my blowout. I totally believe customer service is the most important quality in any business and Megan went above and beyond, and surpassed my expectations.

My hair is very thick, so I’m used to hairstylists rolling their eyes and making me feel bad  because they have to take twice as long with my hair then they do with their regular customers. Megan actually took her time and was very sweet and full of compliments for my thick hair.

She also introduced me to “The Floater” and “Alternate Curls.” “The Floater” is a lovely  relaxing scalp massage you get during your hair wash. Totally awesome for a Friday or Sunday night blowout after a long stressful week. “Alternate Curls” are a complete game changer. I know a lot about hair, but I had never head of this?? Basically, she curled my hair in different directions, which makes the hairstyle look more natural, bouncy and sexy. I’ve probably flipped my hair a thousand times since my blowout.

I also fell in love with Buttercup. There was no way I was going home without her. Buttercup, is the DryBar’s fabulous and cute blowdryer. I loved how my hair felt after Megan was done blowdrying it. It was extra shiny and soft, I’ve never had that result with any blowdryer.

Can’t wait for my next blowout!



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