Exploring Downtown L.A’s Art Corridor

Recently, thanks to WeAllGrow Latina and the L.A Phil, a group of fantastic women and I  explored downtown L.A.


Even though, L.A is my hometown, I grew up in the South Bay which is about 20 miles south of L.A, but thanks to traffic it’s about over an hour drive and pretty hectic to get there. So, I was super excited when WeAllGrow Latina took me on this amazing tour.

The trip was so fun, and besides the beautiful sights of downtown L.A, the women we’re extremely inspiring and passionate about their careers. I just love being surrounded by like-minded people, it leaves me feeling more energized and gives me that “push” to keep on going! I even saw one of my classmates from High School, whom I had not seen in over ten years! (Shoutout to Renata) It was so great to see her thriving as a talented graphic designer.


We were able to witness the L.A Phil rehearse with the talented director Gustavo Dudamel, and it was so beautiful! The artists are all so extremely talented, they truly took my breath away!


After we had delicious lunch outdoors!


and I finally got to visit the Broad Museum! Fun Fact: The Broad was supposed to be my hubby and I’s first date but the line was way too long, so we headed over to The Perch! How awkward would it have been to stand in line for two hours? Lol. Luckily, this time the girls and I  we’re treated like VIP’s!





See you on my next post,



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