Hit or Miss? Ipsy Bag | April 2018

Hi makeup lovers!


I’m back with another review of the monthly subscription beauty bag, Ipsy. I’m not gonna lie, at first glance I thought I wasn’t going to love the products I received this month (especially the lipstick) but I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Check out what I loved and didn’t love this month:

Social Butterfly Glam Bag 

I love butterflies, and soft lavender is one of my favorite colors, so I immediately fell in love with the design of the bag! I love reusing these stylish Ipsy bags, they work great as makeup bags, as a small toiletry bag (I usually hide my lady necessities such as tampons or liners in the cute bags) or as a pencil/pen bag. ipsy bag, beauty blog, review. makeup. spring beauty

Firma Beauty Eyeshadow Brush

I’m pretty much over receiving makeup brushes at this point! I have a collection that’s ready to puke out of my makeup brush holder. I also only wear eyeshadows on special occasions, so I really don’t need 100 eyeshadow brushes! Updating, my preferences now. If I get another eyeshadow brush next month, I’m going to take a break from Ipsy! So, stay tuned to see if updating your preferences actually works!

ipsy, makeup, brushes, eyeshadow

Trifle Cosmetics Sugar Bunny Lip Scrub 

So I’m pretty torn with this product. I want to love it because I did feel like it made my lips soft, but I just couldn’t. Putting sugar on my lips kind of grossed me out, which is weird because I’m obsessed with eating sugar like all day everyday. I’m not sure why I just didn’t love this product, it may have to do with the fact that I had just brushed my teeth, so adding sugar to my mouth seemed counterproductive (mind games?) I wonder if a minty scrub would have been a better bet? Since, I have it, I will definitely use this product again. But, I most definitely will not be purchasing.

ipsy, sugar scrub, makeup,

NYX Soft Matte Lip in Ibiza 

So… this is actually the product that I thought I was going to detest! In my last Ipsy bag review, I hated the color they sent me. It just didn’t look right on my lips and I ended up giving it away to my mom. I had the same thought when I saw this color. Uhh, I don’t think this is going to look right on my lips plus it’s matte, so it’s definitely going to make my lips all icky and crusty! I was so wrong! I actually ended up loving this shade and the matte finish does not feel “crusty” at all! I’m actually wearing this shade on the picture above! I really love this shade for every day wear. Divine!

NYX, MAkeup, Lipstick, matte

NailMedic Nail Polish in Rise & Slay

Hmm, pastel colored nail polish? Yes please! I am going to be wearing this on my nails all Spring long! It is the perfect shade for Spring and infused with Keratin to improve brittle nails, Ipsy totally stole my heart with this one.

Luna by Luna Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Selene

So Ipsy can stop sending me eyeshadow brushes, but they do not need to stop sending me eyeshadows! Especially nude eyeshadows! I love a natural look, and this color is just so feminine and pretty! I love that I can can wear it on its own for fun shimmer or layer it up for a complete look. And the eyeshadow sample is a decent size! Thanks Ipsy! eyeshadow, makeup, neutral, eyes

Overall, this bag was a success! Thank you for reading, can’t wait to share my next Ipsy bag with you!

20180417_181429.jpgLots of love,



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  1. I love your photos! I was looking into Ipsy recently. I just received my Birchbox, neither of them really impressed me this month. I find that I get too many products that I wouldn’t use or products that aren’t very exciting. I do like how Ipsy comes with a bag though.

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    1. Claudia Andrea says:

      Thank you! Ipsy is so affordable, you can’t really go wrong! Im going to try more boxes soon! stay tuned! Xo

      Liked by 1 person

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