Beat the “Sunday Scaries”

Lately, I’ve noticed my Sunday nights being extremely predictable. The Sunday scaries usually kick in at around 7pm-ish and I repeat to my partner “I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow, I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow” about a million times.

Am I alone here? That sad feeling of having to go to work for the next 5 days can extremely depressing (I’m being over-dramatic, I know). Really, I have to go to work tomorrow, why can’t I just stay in bed all day and cuddle with my doggies?…Right, I’m 27 years old and I have bills to pay (booo, enjoy your naps now kids)

I’m a true believer that how you start your Monday sets the tune for the rest of the week. I know Sunday scaries are real but on Monday mornings I try my hardest to shift my perspective to a positive note. It’s really hard to stay positive when all you want is 5 more minutes of sleep, but me wanting to have an amazing work week is stronger than my laziness.

So this is what I do in order to have a successful Monday.

  • Pick your outfit the day before 

MY job doesn’t have a strict dress code, which is why I’m so bad at picking my outfit the night before going to work during the week, BUT I make it a point to pick my outfit(s) at least on Sunday night! I love to sleep in as much as possible and having my outfit ready to go saves me so much time.

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  • Make a to-do list

Every Friday before I leave work, I make a to-do list for Monday. Making a list prior to the weekend helps me relax because I know what I’m coming to on Monday morning, therefore reducing my Sunday Scaries. I also love color-coordinating my tasks to give my planner a fun vibe!

  • Get excited for your commute 

I live in LA, which is synonymous with traffic. Luckily, I only have a 35 minute commute (one way) every morning. I like to enjoy my moment alone on the road by listening to my favorite podcasts for some morning motivation! My favorite podcasts are Girlboss with Sophia Amoruso (so much girl power!)  Self Service with Jerico Mandybur, I love astrology and learning about how the universe is interconnected (I listen to this one every Monday Morning!) For my bilingual girls, Wait Hold Up by Yarel Ramos & Jessica Molina is the bomb! I seriously feel like I’m having a girl chat in my car. Hidden Brain by NPR, and one of my recent discoveries which has quickly become a favorite, Getting Curious with JVN (Jonathan from queer Eye,) if you’ve seen the show you know how hilarious he is!

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I hope these tips help you have an amazing work week!

Let me know what do you guys do to start your week?

Happy Monday xox0






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