Going With the Flow & Embracing the Uncertainty

It’s been a little over a month of no longer being a student and the most valuable lesson I’ve learned so far is to embrace the uncertainty of my “journey”(“Don’t stop believing”).

I came to the realization that we as humans, no matter where we are in life, don’t really ever know what the french is going on. Regardless of age, status, culture or  career choice the “journey” never seems to end unless we die (& then what?).

Most of us are programmed to believe that there is only one way to go and there are certain deadlines we are suppose to meet by a certain age and if we don’t meet them we are ultimately labeled as failures by our family, friends, the random and sadly ourselves.

I think the “journey” means to go with the flow take every opportunity that comes your way and learn and grow from each setback.

Most people tend to give up and/or get complacent with their situation. Thats where regret and the “what ifs” come into place and lead us to become sad little humans since we never ever used the potential that we had.

So now that I am a college graduate (clears throat) I will embrace every opportunity as well as my “journey”( “Hold on to that feeling”). I’ve made the commitment to not judge myself or others, regardless of age, status or circumstance there is always a way to make all your dreams come true. The only one that has the power to make you happy is yourself.





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  1. Love this post Claudia, great message!

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