Sunday Series | The Chakras : The Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra aka the heart chakra is located in the middle of the chest, where your heart resides. This chakra governs the heart, blood circulation and the lungs.

This chakra is the middle point of the chakras, it is where physical and spiritual meet. It is the center of love, joy, and compassion. Feelings of caring nurture and compassion flow from this chakra, as well as the ability to love yourself.

A person with a balanced heart chakra can be easily recognized. They let love lead their life and live with open hearts. Do you know anyone peaceful, who turns any situation into a good one? These people bring love into the world, therefore help heal any suffering.

People with balanced heart chakras have a healthy hearts and lungs, they seldom suffer from respiratory problems or fall ill. When the heart chakra is out of balance, colds, allergies, and coronary issues may appear.

So, in honor of Valentine’s day: Let’s open our hearts and let our fourth chakra shine!


  • Smile! Let love beam from your smile.
  • Forgive and move on. Life is too short to hold grudges.
  • Give genuine compliments.
  • Live without judgement of yourself and others.
  • Wear green, and take nature walks.
  • Listen to music that touches your heart.
  • learn to embrace and comfort others.
  • Indulge in things you truly enjoy.


  • I am open to love.
  • I accept things as they are.
  • My heart is open to giving and receiving.
  • I lovingly accept myself-as i am.
  • I give and receive with an open heart and bind myself to all living beings.






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