Beauty Tips for When You Sleep

Sleep is a beautiful thing. Literally, you can beautify yourself while you’re dreaming  away. Every lazy girl’s dream! Today, I am going to share a few of the things I like to do before going to bed.

  • I always apply  Aquaphor or coconut oil on my lips. There is nothing worse than waking up with dry chapped lips! I am one of those people that will peel off the dry skin off my lips, which can cause bleeding. Therefore, coconut oil or lip balm on lips is a must at all times, especially at night. When you apply coconut oil or lip balm before bed you will wake up with moisturized lips, and lipstick always looks better on healthy and plump lips.
  •  I take care of my footsies. I believe my feet are my most overused body part. I walk all day(sometimes in heels) and often come home exhausted. I like to show my feet some love by moisturizing my feet after I shower and cover them with thick fuzzy socks while I sleep.
  • I go hard with the coco. Seriously, coconut oil is so amazing! Before bed, I rub some on my cuticles to keep them from getting dry. I also use coconut oil to remove my eye make-up, and as an under eye anti-wrinkle moisturizer. I also rub coconut oil on the ends of my hair every night. The ends of my hair tend to  get very dry during the winter months, so coconut oil comes in very handy during this time.
  • I sleep on my back. In order to prevent any premature face wrinkles. or acne, it is very important to keep your face away from your pillow. Your pillow should be exclusive for the back of your head and hair. Women who sleep with their face in their pillows are more susceptible to wrinkles and acne.

Sweet Dreams xo


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