Tuesday Tips: Preparing for Finals

Finals week is probably the most stressful time of the year for me. During this time I get sick and worried over whether or not I am going to get the desired grades I want and pass my classes. One thing that helps motivates me during finals is the fact that once the hard part is over, I get to have time off and spend time with my family and friends. So to honor the tears some of us shed during finals week, I present this week’s tips:

  1. EAT! I tend to immerse myself in studying and usually forget all about my meals; so by the time I have to interact with humans, I am usually HANGRY. In order to prevent my hungry side from showing it’s evil face, I like to pack a lot of snacks in my bag. During this time I like to snack on trail mix and veggies, but I also like to indulge and treat my palette to some sweets like brownies and chocolate chip cookies.
  2. DRINK UP! Water, that is. I believe it is very important to stay hydrated. Not only are you continuously going to the bathroom, which means you’re flushing out toxins but drinking water also lowers your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone and stress can lead to fatigue and headaches; which we obviously don’t need during this time or ever!
  3. SLEEP! I know, this is probably the hardest one of all! Most of us find ourselves staying up until late hours to finish assignments and/or study. Try to stay organized during finals week and pencil in at least 7 hours of sleep nightly. You will feel alert and energized while taking your exams.
  4. BREATHE & LET GO! Whenever I’m driving and on my way to go school, I like to say a few affirmations and cheer myself on. When I have these little self-pep talks, I notice my confidence boosting and I’m actually smiling when I arrive to class. I also take deep breaths and know that I’ve done as much as I can and let go of worry and fear. I tell myself that I am a smart and disciplined student and therefore know my dedication will pay off.

I really hope these tips will help calm your nerves! Good luck with finals a enjoy your well-deserved winter break!

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