Dots Cafe | Pasadena

Since I’m now a coffee drinker apparently, I visited the cutest coffee shop “Dots Cafe” in east Pasadena and wanted to share my experience.IMG_6385
Traffic was a delight! Rare, right? Partly thanks to the quarantine since everyone is working from home, otherwise it would have taken over an hour to reach Pasadena from the South Bay! Lucky for me it only took about 30 minutes, and since my friend Jackie drove, we chit chatted the whole way and it felt like we flew.IMG_6386I’ve been seeing the “Dalgona” trend on Instagram so I had to try it out. I’ve heard it’s pretty easy to make at home but since I’m not really an at-home coffee drinker, I decided to try the trend from the pros. Also, I suggest you use oat milk rather then regular, in my opinion it made the coffee tastier. IMG_6388
Dots cafe also serves a variety of cupcakes and nearly every wall is instagramable! There are also two beautiful murals behind the shop. It’s the perfect place to go with friends and enjoy something sweet.IMG_6452Don’t forget your mask and hand sanitizer! Althought L.A is reopening, we still need to be extra vigilant with our hygiene.

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