Wine Wins During the Holidays

It’s November 9th which means the Holiday season is officially in full swing. Most of us are likely going to get jolly by going to holiday parties and dinners. My go-to gift for party hosts is always a bottle of wine. Why? Because, they probably have enough food at their house and don’t need more (unless, it’s dessert, they’re is always room for sweets or sweet wine.)

Wine is always a winner because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  If there is more than enough for everyone to drink, the host can always save the bottle for another occassion.


You guys know, I’m a big fan of the “box trend,” especially because I don’t like going to busy grocery stores. To make the holiday wine-giving easier, I’ve partened with Winc Wine Club. Here’s how they work, you take a quiz online, they ask you pertinent questions about your taste buds, and they send you 4 bottles tailored to your liking every month. And since, it is the season to give, I’m sharing my code with you which gives you 4 bottles for $39 and free shipping :


Cheers and have a happy start to the Holiday season!

**Please drink responsibly, obviously you must be 21 and older to purchase. Do not drink and drive EVER! Call a Lyft or Uber, there is no excuse to drink and drive in 2019. Here is my Uber code for $5 off your next ride: claudiab291


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