Delicious Sausages in Venice

I’ve driven down Lincoln Boulevard countless times and I’ve always just stared at this German restaurant called, Wurstkuche wondering what kind of yummy concoctions were being prepared inside. After almost three years of driving by this restaurant, I finally tried it!

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They have all kinds of sausages, from classic Brats, to gourmet Mango Jalapeno and even exotic options like Snake (crazy)! I kept it exotic yet safe and went for the Duck and Bacon with Jalapeno Peppers, while daring Josh went for the Rattlesnake and Rabbit with Jalapeno peppers.


My pick was more on the smoky delicious side and Josh’s was a little more dry, mine was obviously the better choice. If you love sausage, I’m sure Wurstkuche has a flavor for you, they even have veggie options for our vegan peeps! Besides the delicious sausages, they also serve the most delicious sauce, Chipotle Aioli (mouth waters) which pairs so well with their Belgium fries. Of course, don’t forget to pair your sausage with a cold brew, they have a big selection of draft beers.201807022128851139232735482.jpg

Brews, Brats, and Belgium fries, it’s a match made in heaven. So don’t be like me and wonder about this place while driving (crawling) down Lincoln Boulevard for 3 years, check it out now! You won’t regret it.

P.S: Please ignore the fact that the title of this post sounds like an X-rated film.


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