Love your skin this Summer

Summer is right around the corner, about time right? Give me all the sun rays!

With that being said, it is also always time to protect our skin from those sneaky UV rays.

A little “too much sun” can affect our skin in negative ways:

-sunburn (ouch, been there done that)

-speeds up the aging process

-can lead to skin diseases (melasma, melanoma, skin cancer)

We can have a lot of fun in the sun, we just have to be conscious and take care of our beautiful epidermis. Regardless, if it is super sunny outside or not, I wear sunscreen everyday on my face. My face foundation has SPF 15 and my moisturizer has SPF 30. I’m a total SPF lover, thanks to my mother who suffered from Melasma and has taught me a lot about preventative skin care.

In order to keep your skin young and fresh, limit your time under the sun. Although, I could take a 5-hour nap under the sun, I DON’T. I love being in the pool and going to the beach but I make it a point to not spend too much time under direct sunlight.

These are my favorite products to care for my skin and face:

aveeno, sunscreen, moisturizer, makeup, skin

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

– I always wear a moisturizer with SPF, especially when going bare faced. It can be 20 degrees outside and I will still wear SPF on my face.


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in Natural Beige (60) – is my favorite foundation of all time! This is my go-to for every day! Whenever a foundation has SPF included in their formula my heart immediately smiles because I don’t have to worry if I put sunscreen on my face before applying my foundation.

sunscreen, summer, skin care, blog, tips, lifestyle

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion – Y’all this is the smoothest sunscreen I have ever used! It honestly feels so soft and buttery, It quenches my skin and protects it at the same time, uh win! I’m super obsessed with Neutrogena’s Hydro boost makeup and skin care line, so the fact that they have a sunscreen in a PLUS!

Take care of your skin my loves!



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