Book Review | Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

One of my resolutions for 2018 was to read for recreational purposes. I swear, I cannot remember the last time I read a novel without putting it down (maybe Harry Potter in the 5th grade). I missed that feeling of being so immersed into a good book and the joy of being captivated by all the descriptive details. So instead of going for one of my usual self-help books or falling into an Instagram trance at night, I decided to read a good fiction book!

Both the book and the mini TV series had been recommended by so many of my gal pals, so of course in order to avoid any #FOMO, I took my happy self to Target and purchased “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty. I binge-read the book in two days! I also binge-watched the series in two and a half days! My boyfriend was surprised in how invested I was with the series, I’m usually in bed by 9PM and I could not sleep without finishing the TV series even though I already knew how it was going to end! lol

Both the book and the TV series were exceptional, but of course I prefer the book since there is so much more detail to it, but it’s nice to put a face to all the characters! I’m pretty excited about season 2 of the TV show though, I’m wondering if they will add some of the missing pieces to the show, and also if Celeste will have a new lover and practice law again?… and what the hell was up with Madeline’s love affair in the TV show? that was definitely not in the book! Speaking of Madeline, Reese Witherspoon was the perfect Madeline! So neurotic, and perky, just how I pictured her to be. I was really bummed about her affair, in the book Madeline seemed to have it together (with a side of neurosis, but still she would never cheat on book Ed!). She was the perfect combo of sassy, confident, and loving, so I’m extremely sad about the affair.

I’m also very excited to watch Jane’s character develop during season 2. The book ended with her reclaiming her life back and falling for Tom (whom she’d initially thought was gay.) I feel like HBO’s Jane isn’t as confident and has yet to reclaim her life, so I definitely feel like there will be a big change in Jane’s persona.

There are a lot of dark topics in this book such as Jane’s sexual abuse and Celeste’s domestic abuse, bullying (with both children and adults) but If you’re into a novel where there is love, drama, and hope for a brighter day then Big Little Lies is definitely the book for you.

What books do you recommend? I’m on the hunt for more books, so stay tuned for more book reviews. 🙂  #claudsbookclub


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