Sculpted Brows | Simple and Bold

When did thick eyebrows get so cool?

Boys used to make so much fun of my caterpillars while I was in school. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that the bold eyebrow look became super popular and I totally love it! I’ve always loved my thick eyebrows even when boys would make fun of them.

My eyebrows are naturally thick and dark. So luckily, my eyebrow routine is very minimal, yet necessary! 

The last time I went to get my eyebrows threaded, the lady made them to thin and gave me a bald spot! So, I obviously never went back!

I now take care of my own and I am very proud 🙂

I believe, eyebrows look best when they follow your natural arch. What I do nowadays is very simple. I clean them up with tweezers every two weeks or whenever I see an unwelcome stray hair. If I use a razor, I do it very very carefully! I shaved half of my eyebrow when I was 12, so I’d much rather just tweeze!

My must have tool is a spoolie! I comb my eyebrows more than I comb my hair because they can get wild! Other essential tools to sculpted eyebrows are clear eyebrow gel, a light brownish eyebrow pencil, and of course tweezers.

On my natural days, I comb my eyebrows and set them in place with clear gel and call it a day. But, for special occasions I like to sculpt them with pencil. I use Anastasia’s brow fix , but any light brown eye pencil will work just fine. I color them very lightly ad focus mainly on the middle of my eyebrows where the hair is a bit sparse. After brushing and sculpting, I seal the deal with my clear gel and I am totally picture ready!

Whether I have a full face of makeup or not, I like to highlight my brows with a shimmery eyeshadow. After sculpting, I apply the shimmery  eyeshadow under my brow and blend.

petiteperuvian Eyebrows

Don’t be afraid to be bold!

xo, Claudia 



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