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Finally, the South American churro gods have made it to the states! I’ve always said to my husband “I can’t wait for you to go to Peru, so you can try their churros.” America gets a lot of things right, but churros aren’t it and trust me I’ve tried my fair share.

And then came Churrino


Brazilian-born Nick Farkas moved to the U.S eight years ago. He always dreamt of owning his own dessert shop, and after graduating from CSU Long Beach, he started to make his dream come true.


It took Farkas and his co-founder, Kelvin one year to perfectionize their menu and fast forward to the last quarter of 2019 and Churrino is officially in business.


So let’s get to the tasty stuff…

Churrino offers three different options:

  1. Churrolover which includes 3 churros, 3 flavors, and 3 toppings
  2. Churroaddict which includes 7 churros, 3 flavors, 3 toppings
  3. Churromaniac which includes 7 churros, 3 flavors, 3 toppings and ICE CREAM

I went for the Churromaniac because go big or go home, right? I can honestly say after that first bite, my tastebuds were in heaven.


My foodie soul has been yearning for a south american churro for years! The first bite was warm, soft yet crunchy and absolutely delicious.


Beyond the perfect churro, cute swag is also on sale at the trendy shop. I’m a sucker for their animated “churro on a rainbow” mugs and sweatshirts.


Can’t wait to go back and try their red velvet holiday churros!








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